BHI offers state revenue forecast to Joint Ways and Means Committee of Massachusetts legislature*

*Separate estimate including Part B tax reduction here 

In new paper, Heritage Foundation cites BHI work on Davis-Bacon Act, federal prevailing wage

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BHI-NCPA-DCGE Model: The Intergenerational Effects of the Trump Tax Plan



BHI Economists Debate Tax Proposals


Dr. Jonathan Haughton

  Donald Trump’s unsustainable tax cut for the rich


Dr. David G. Tuerck

  Hillary Clinton’s economic sophistry

Four reports based on BHI's NCPA-DCGE model

The Economic Effects of the Clinton Tax Proposal

The Distributional Effects of the Clinton Tax Proposal


The Economic Effects of the Trump Tax Proposal

The Distributional Effects of the Trump Tax Proposal


The Trump Tariffs: A Bad Deal for Americans

Complete study available from the National Foundation for American Policy

BHI delivers testimony critical of proposed constitutional amendment calling for "a millionaire’s tax"


David G. Tuerck testifies January 19, 2016 before the Revenue Committee

NCPA Tax Policy Analysis:
The U.S. Corporate Income Tax: A Primer for U.S. Policy Makers

Response to the Natural Resources Defense Council's critique of BHI's study of EPA Clean Power Program

Laurie Johnson, an economist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, recently posted a blog entry that sharply criticizes recent BHI studies of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. It is important, in reading this blog, to understand that Dr. Johnson’s job is to defend tooth-and-nail an organization whose purpose is to promote what it deems to be environmental protection at any cost to economic activity at home and abroad. Read the complete BHI response.

BHI Studies on the CPP.

Virginia: The Costs of New EPA Rules to Virginia March 2015

Louisiana: The Costs of New EPA Rules to Louisiana February 2015

South Carolina: New EPA Rules Will Cost South Carolina a Fortune February 2015

Wisconsin: The Economic Effects of the New EPA Rules on the State of Wisconsin January 2015

New Mexico, The Economics Effects of New EPA Rules on the State of New Mexico January 2015

North Carolina: The Economic Effects of the New EPA rules on the State of North Carolina January 2015

Iowa: Obama-Inspired EPA Carbon-Dioxide Regulations May Bankrupt Iowans January 2015

National: Clean Power Plan: The Economic Effects of the New EPA Rules on the United States January 2015


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The Federalist: Hillary’s Economic Plan Will Cost Americans Jobs And Income

BHI analysis of the Trump Tariff Plan the Washington Post & Chicago Tribune 8/21/2016

BHI releases 15th Annual State Competitiveness Report
Press Release

At Social Impact Bonds, a primer

Study: Construction Management Methods in Massachusetts: Comparing Construction Management at Risk and Design Bid Build 

In the media
The ‘millionaire tax’: California here we come,
February 1, 2016

DGT argues against the North South Rail Link
Boston Globe
November 6, 2015

Over at NCPA:
BHI on the merits of dynamic scoring

From the Archives
What critics of the STAMP model get wrong

What is STAMP? A Primer

A Response to the Union of Concerned Scientists Critique of BHI’s Renewable Portfolio Studies

Why the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy's Critique of STAMP is dead wrong.PDF