“Research by the Beacon Hill Institute proved to be very valuable to us on the Trump team for the purpose of analyzing and selling to the public the positive economic effects of the Trump tax plan. The Institute’s Tax Model was a big help in estimating the jobs and GDP boost from the lower tax rates. Their predictions have so far proven to be remarkably accurate.”
– Stephen Moore, senior economic advisor to the Trump Campaign and Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Institute for Economic Freedom, The Heritage Foundation

“Over the years, the Retailers Association of Massachusetts has worked with the Beacon Hill Institute numerous times to study taxation, labor policies, and other governmental actions and mandates which impact local small businesses and other employers versus their competition across the country. The accuracy of their economic modeling on what will happen on jobs and investment under certain scenarios is unparalleled. Their work is respected by opinion leaders in the employer community, in public policy, and the media in Boston and across the country.”
– Jon B. Hurst, President, Retailers Association of Massachusetts

“Citizens for Limited Taxation has found the Beacon Hill Institute to be a reliable source of information on taxpayer issues for years. The extensive research and accuracy of a BHI study is welcome to those of us seeking information on a particular subject. CLT always feels confident using their statistical data in a number of situations.”
– Chip Faulkner, Associate Director, Citizens for Limited Taxation

“The Beacon Hill Institute played an important role in helping to defeat Cape Wind, a project consisting of 130 wind turbines proposed to be sited in the federal waters in the center of Nantucket Sound. BHI provided survey research, cost-benefit analyses, opinion pieces and testimony, all of which showed that the project would have imposed massive costs on taxpayers and ratepayers throughout Massachusetts.”
– Audra Parker, President and CEO, Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound.

“Over the years the Beacon Hill Institute has been a very valuable partner in our work here at the John Locke. Foundation. Using their STAMP model, they have provided us was with sound analytical and empirical analysis on a variety of topics, ranging from our proposals for tax reform in North Carolina to the costs of regulation in the state. Furthermore, they have helped us expose faulty claims by industry and special interest groups with solid peer review analysis of economic impact studies used to gain special favors and taxpayer subsidies. In the future we hope to continue this valuable relationship with BHI in our attempt to provide sound economic analysis to the citizens of North Carolina.”
– Roy Cordato, Ph.D., Senior Economist and Resident Scholar, The John Locke Foundation.

“The STAMP model, designed and crafted by the Beacon Hill Institute, has been a significant asset to the Thomas Jefferson Institute for well over ten years.  We have the only supply side economic model in Virginia and it has been of tremendous benefit to us over the years.  We have used it to analyze major tax plans by past Governors and gubernatorial candidates, to build our own tax restructuring plan that gained a lot of support throughout the state, and we are using it today as we build a broad based coalition of business and center-right organizations to promote tax reforms centered on the “extra” monies coming into the state treasury due to the federal tax cuts and the improving economy.  This tax and spend model is a huge asset to us and to the public discussion on how tax policy impacts economic growth.”
Mike Thompson, Chairman and President, Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy.

“As one of the younger think tanks in the State Policy Network, our Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity has often relied on the research and perspectives of David Tuerck and the Beacon Hill Institute. Whether the issue is energy, taxes and budgets, or labor our Center always knows that it has a reliable source of information – and a partner. Beacon Hill’s State Tax and Analysis Modeling Program (STAMP) was invaluable to our Center drive for sales tax reform, and is indicative of the type of detailed academic analysis they conduct. When it came to countering the resistance our reform idea faced, David and his team were there for us – testifying in person, hosting meetings with our detractors, and writing opinion and rebuttal pieces.”
– Mike Stenhouse, CEO, Rhodes Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity.

The Beacon Hill Institute’s research and analysis of a number of contentious procurement and labor issues impacting taxpayer-funded construction projects has played an important role in shaping public policy and ensuring citizens and government get the best return on their investment of infrastructure dollars. For almost 15 years I have personally worked with the team at BHI on close to a dozen projects and have been impressed with their research methodology, data collection, statistical analysis, written product, conclusions and willingness to vigorously defend their research in a public forum. BHI has participated in legal depositions, testified before Congress, communicated directly with reporters and lawmakers and authored dozens of newspaper op-eds and letters to the editor in defense of their work in the face of powerful opposing special interests who disagree with their conclusions. BHI’s research and credibility has been tested repeatedly by hostile opponents and they have passed each challenge with strength, professionalism and integrity. Associated Builders and Contractors can attest to the quality of BHI’s work and would not hesitate recommending them to other clients and stakeholders seeking answers, data and truth about pressing issues impacting free markets and the economy.
– Ben Brubeck, VP of Regulatory, Labor and State Affairs at Associated Builders and Contractors.