Energy Policy Studies

Renewable Portfolio Standards: Cost Benefit Analysis


New Hampshire:
The Economic Impact of New Hampshire’s Renewable Portfolio Standard


Study: “The Economic Impact of Illinois’s Renewable Portfolio Standard” (PDF)

Study: Maryland’s Renewable Energy Standard harmful to state’s residents, business (April 2014)

New Jersey:
Study: New Jersey’s Renewable Energy Mandate is a Drag on the Economy (April 2014)


Response to the Union of Concerned Scientists Critique of BHI’s Renewable Portfolio Studies (November 2013)

Renewable Policy: ‘A Recipe for Decline” (April 2013)

The Economic Impact of Arizona’s Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff (April 2013)

Washington State:
The Economic Impact of Washington State’s Renewable Portfolio Standard: A joint study by The Beacon Hill Institute and Washington Policy Center (April 2013)

BHI testifies on RPS in Kansas
Experts debate renewable energy costs (February 2013)

Response to Huffington Post attack on BHI renewable portfolio studies (January 2013)


Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Mandate will lead to greater economic costs with minimal benefit (December 2012)

The Economic Impact of Missouri’s Renewable Energy Standard (November 2012)

The Economic Impact of Maine’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (September 2012)

The Projected Economic Impact of Proposal 3 and Michigan’s Renewable Energy Standard(September 2012)

The Economic Impact of the Kansas Renewable Portfolio Standard (July 2012)

The Cost and Economic Impact of Delaware’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, (May 2011)


BHI’s response to TP’s Climate Progress blogger Michael Conathan’s critique of NJ wind farm study (August 2011)

The Economic Impact on the State Economy of Minnesota’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (April 2011)

The Cost and Economic Impact of Ohio’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (April 2011)

The Economic Impact of Oregon’s Renewable Portfolio Standard with Cascade Policy Institute (March 2011)

The Economic Impact of Colorado’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (February 2011)

New Mexico: 
The Economic Impact of New Mexico’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (February 2011)

The Economic Impact of Montana’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (January 2011)


North Carolina:
The Economic Impact of North Carolina’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (August 2009)


The Economics of Wind Power

BHI Cost-Benefit Analysis – April 2008

Free But Still Costly: The Cost and Benefits of Offshore Wind Power in Massachusetts

BHI Testimony – March 2008

Testimony before Minerals Management Service

BHI Study – May 2006

Windfall profits: Cape Wind project spins on generous public subsidy
Complete Study
Press Release

Written comments to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – February 2005 

Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Cape Wind Energy Project

BHI Testimony – December 2004

Economic Costs Exceed Economic Benefits for the Cape Wind Project (12/16/04) 

Public Health Impacts and Economic Costs from Power Plant Emissions (12/07/04)

BHI Policy Study- 5/14/04

An Economic Analysis of a Wind Farm on Nantucket Sound (PDF) as submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers BHI Cover Letter to U.S. Army Corps (PDF Version of Cover Letter)

Policy Study – 3/16/04

Complete Study Free But Costly in PDF format
Press Release in PDF Format

Policy Study – 10/01/03

October 2003 study: Blowing in the Wind: Offshore Wind and the Cape Cod Economy