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The Economic Effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 11/17/2017

Private Activity Bonds for Buildings Would Create Jobs, Fast Track Construction, and Save Taxpayers Money 10/26/2017


Illinois’s renewable policy no help to state 6/17/2014

Maryland’s Renewable Energy Standard harms state’s residents, business 4/22/2014

New Jersey’s Renewable Energy Mandate is a drag on the economy 4/10/2014

13th Annual State Competitiveness Report 4/10/2014


BHI Forecast for FY 2015 delivered December 2013 12/11/2013

MA public sector pension system puts taxpayers at risk 2/25/2013

Proposed tax increases for infrastructure and education: An economic analysis 


Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Mandate Will Lead to Greater Economic Costs with Minimal Benefit 12/17/2012

BHI Forecast: State tax revenues to increase by 4.4% in FY 2012 and by 4.1% in FY 2013 12/11/2013

Missouri’s Renewable Energy Standard will be bad for business, jobs and investment 11/15/2012

Beyond the shale! Strict liability for fracking, putting Wall Street on the hook, should allay environmental fear 10/1/2012

Chapter 58 fails to promote consumer choice, tax equity and portability; Other states offer lessons for Bay State on Medicaid 8/8/2012

Michigan’s Prop 3’s Renewable Energy Standard Could Cost State 10,540 Jobs (off-site) 9/21/2012

To promote public interest, state government should break up teacher union monopolies; An idea as old as the Boston Tea Party 6/28/2012

Wisconsin reforms provided benefits to state economy (PDF) 5/25/2012

Back on top, Massachusetts ranks first in BHI measure of economic growth and income (Press release with 50-state rankings) 3/6/2012

Real estate licensing rules do little to improve quality while restricting market competition to benefit full-time realtors2/1/2012


BHI on the Federal Enterprise Value Tax on Investments 12/1/2011

Massachusetts Health Care Reform stunts job growth and investment 9/15/2011

BHI on personal income growth in Massachusetts: Boston & Worcester shine in 2010 while rest of state lags 8/10/2011

BHI Study: Massachusetts Health Care Reform drives up insurance costs both public and private 6/27/2011

No link between improved student performance and Education Reform Act spending 6/8/2011

33% believe Fidelity move was due to Massachusetts taxes 4/6/2011


State tax revenues to increase by 9.8% in FY 2011 and by 4.4% in FY 2012 12/4/2010

The Other Side of Question 3: More Jobs and Less Unemployment 10/15/2010

Overwhelming majority of state voters oppose a key feature of Project Labor Agreements 3/4/2010


State tax revenues to increase by 2.1% in FY 2010 and by 4.4% in FY 2011 12/16/2009

State tax revenues likely to increase by 1.6% in FY 2010 and 3.6% in FY 2011 10/8/2009

A Hub of Competition and Excellence: Metropolitan Boston Remains Highly Competitive; Ranks Second in BHI’s Updated Index 9/3/2009

Green Jobs a Cost, Not Benefit, to the National Economy 6/25/2009

State tax revenues decline by 9.3% in FY 2009 and increase by 0.8% in FY 2010 5/9/2009

Cap-and-trade scheme will cost California jobs 5/23/2009


State tax revenues decline by 6.3% in FY 2009 and 3.0% in FY 2010 12/15/2008

Eighth Annual State Competitiveness Report 11/19/08

Poll Shows Widespread Voter Support for Civilian Flaggers Suffolk Political Research Center Poll Results 8/5/08

Seventh Annual Metro Area Competitiveness Report: Salt Lake City on top; Boston second

Beyond loopholes: BHI study suggests simplifying and lowering business taxes to 5.3% 4/8/08

New study takes aim at federal prevailing wage law; Inflated wage measures cost taxpayers $8.6 billion annually 


BHI forecast: Revenue growth to speed up for Fiscal Year 2008 01/16/07


BHI releases Metro and State Competitiveness Report 2006 01/19/06

Project Labor Agreements and Financing Public School Construction in Massachusetts 12/4/06

BHI releases Metro and State Competitiveness Report 2005 5/24/06

Windfall profits: Cape Wind project spins on generous public subsidy 5/15/06


BHI releases State Competitiveness Report 2005 12/30/05

BHI forecasts another year of strong growth in state tax revenues. 12/12/05

Association Health Plans would help small business expand coverage for workers. 6/28/05

Increased minimum wage would destroy jobs, reduce state’s competitiveness. 6/6/05

New tax loophole proposal produces less economic damage than the original. 4/28/05

Proposed legislation to cost Maine over $57 million while providing little impact on obesity, 3/30/05

BHI State of the Household Survey 2005 Results 2/10/05


BHI forecasts “strong” revenue growth for FY 2005 and FY 2006, 12/6/04

Project Labor Agreements increase costs to Connecticut cities and towns, new BHI study finds 11/23/04

Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University releases Metro Area and State Competitiveness Report 2004 11/17/04

Drug Reimportation: The Wrong Prescription for the Massachusetts Economy 9/22/04

Little bounce: BHI finds $14.8 million in net economic benefits of DNC 08/09/04

Suffolk University Poll: Despite the cost, residents would recommend hosting political conventions to other cities7/26/04

Beacon Hill Institute Survey: Only 11% of Boston businesses amexpect to cash-in on the convention 07/20/04

Cutting the Income Tax to 5%: An Affordable Boost to the Economy, 6/10/04

Less than advertised: Republican National Convention to generate $184 million in economic activity for New York City, region 05/28/04

Education Reform fails to improve schools 5/20/04

Democratic National Convention to generate $122 million in economic benefits for Boston 03/30/04

Beacon Hill Institute: Cape Wind developer blowing smoke by ignoring costs of building offshore 03/18/04

Shaking up the electoral college system 01/21/04


BHI forecasts modest tax revenue increase for FY 2004 12/08/03

BHI releases study on Nantucket Sound wind energy and the Cape Cod economy (PDF) 10/27/03

BHI study finds that Project Labor Agreements costs cities and towns millions 9/25/03

Beacon Hill Institute releases Metro Area and State Competitiveness Report 2003: Boston slips to 4th place. Massachusetts continues to hold 2nd 12/30/03

Like to pay taxes? If you don’t like Plympton, just move to Pelham 08/12/03

BHI Report Card Grades the Governor 07/09/03

Wishful thinking about corporate tax breaks 06/11/03

Institute questions job benefits of corporate tax breaks 06/11/03

For Massachusetts poor, every day is tax day 04/14/03

Beacon Hill Institute Survey: Most expect Massachusetts economy to improve in 2004; Fiscal conservatives divided on outsourcing, gambling; favor Canadian drug sales 02/18/03


Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University releases Metro Area and State Competitiveness Report 2002 12/10/02

BHI faults DOE rating system 11/26/02

BHI survey finds that most gubernatorial candidates would be more fiscally conservative than legislature. 8/26/02

New BHI school ranking show surprising results for Boston, other school districts 08/05/02

BHI analysis: More money for education worsens MCAS scores 7/25/02

BHI analysis: Turnpike-Highway consolidation would be a money-saver 6/18/02

States’ pursuit of Microsoft anti-trust litigation will cost Massachusetts software consumers and developers $billions over three years, says BHI study 4/11/02

Tax hikes to bridge budget gap would hurt state economy, says BHI study 4/4/02


BHI releases State Competitiveness Report 2001: Massachusetts ranks No. 2 despite weak fiscal policy 12/19/01

Fiscal Fright: Tax Cuts Can Move Forward Without Fear of Budget Cuts 11/9/01

Local governments should pause before rolling out publicly-financed broadband services 10/30/01

New Economic Analysis Shows Boston Ballot Question 1 Will Cost Jobs 10/25/01

Study Identifies Best Performing School Districts in Massachusetts 2/8/01

New Rating System Assesses School MCAS Performance 1/10/01

Massachusetts Can Both Cut Taxes and Fund New Services and Programs, Study Shows 10/25/01


Proposed Health-Care Reform Would Leave Massachusetts Ailing 10/31/00

Charitable Tax Deduction Would Stimulate Giving, Improve Massachusetts’ Poor Generosity Rating 10/30/00

New Study: Unmet Legal Needs Among the Poor Less than One in Ten 5/16/00


Capital Gains Tax Hike Would Hurt Low-Income Taxpayers, Cost Millions 6/20/99

New Report Shows MBTA Finances Severely Off Track 5/24/99


New economic analysis show bad budgeting costs states thousands of potential jobs and investments  7/8/98

New economic analysis shows impact of tax proposals  3/29/98

Survey: Voters oppose public funds for Patriots, Red Sox  2/2/98

Poll: Voters want the Red Sox to stay at Fenway  1/21/98

BHI shows sales tax increase would eliminate 99,000 jobs in Ohio   1/16/98


New analysis shows taxes take bite out of Thanksgiving meal   11/25/97

Poll: Mass. Residents overwhelmingly support tax rate cut to %5.00 from %5.95   10/24/97

Poll: Residents split on toll ban  10/24/97

Tax Cut Would create 105,000 Jobs, Generate $21 Billion in New Jobs  9/24/97

Civil Justice Reform Would Save Millions, Create Thousands of Jobs  5/28/97

Reducing Unemployment Insurance Would Mean 13,080 New Jobs  2/24/97

BHI Finds a Workers Compensation Tax Cut Would Be OK for Oklahoma  1/17/97


Refund of Revenue Surplus Could Spur Economy  7/10/96

Massachusetts Income Tax Cut Would Mean 65,000 Jobs   2/21/96