Publications by Year

Policy Studies


113. Untaxing New York Manufacturers (October 2018)

112. Study underscores the benefits of trade agreement with South Korea (October 2018)

111. Rolling Back the Sales Tax to 5%: A Win for Massachusetts (May 2018)

110. Taking a Bite Out of Jobs: The Economic Effects of a Sales Tax
Increase on Restaurant Meals
 (March 2018)


109. The Economic Effects of a Meals Tax on Virginia Localities (August 2017)

108. Private Activity Bonds for Buildings Would Create Jobs, Fast Track Construction, and Save Taxpayers Money (October 2017)

107. New study finds Project Labor Agreements increase costs on public school construction in Ohio (May 2017)

106. NCPA Capitol Hill Briefing: The Economic Effects of Repealing the Affordable Healthcare Act (December 2017)


105. BHI-NCPA-DCGE Model: The Intergenerational Effects of the Trump Tax Plan (December 2016)

104. The Economic Effects of the Trump Tax Plan (September 2016)

103. The Economic Effects of the Clinton Tax Proposal (August 2016)

102. The Trump Tariffs: A Bad Deal for Americans for the National Foundation for American Policy, (May 2016)


101. NCPA: The U.S. Corporate Income Tax: A Primer for U.S. Policy Makers (July 2015)

100. Virginia: The Costs of New EPA Rules to Virginia: with Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, (March 2015)

99. Louisiana: The Costs of New EPA Rules to Louisiana with Pelican Institute for Public Policy (February 2015)

98. New Mexico, The Economics Effects of New EPA Rules on the State of New Mexico with the Rio Grande Foundation (January 2015)

97. South Carolina: New EPA Rules Will Cost South Carolina a Fortune with Palmetto Promise Institute (February 2015)

96. Wisconsin: The Economic Effects of the New EPA Rules on the State of Wisconsin with the MacIver Institute, (January 2015)

95. North Carolina: The Economic Effects of the New EPA rules on the State of North Carolina with the Civitas Institute, (January 2015)

94. Iowa: Obama-Inspired EPA Carbon-Dioxide Regulations May Bankrupt Iowans with Iowa Public Interest Institute, (January 2015)

93. National: Clean Power Plan: The Economic Effects of the New EPA Rules on the United States (January 2015)

92. Nevada: The Economic Effects of Session 2013’s SB123 (April 2015)

91. New Hampshire: The Economic Impact of New Hampshire’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (February 2015)


90. Can State Pull Its Punches? New tax policy needed to help Wisconsin prosper: A BHI Study

89. Illinois:Study: “The Economic Impact of Illinois’s Renewable Portfolio Standard” (PDF)

88. Maryland:Study: Maryland’s Renewable Energy Standard harmful to state’s residents, business (April 2014)

87. New Jersey:Study: New Jersey’s Renewable Energy Mandate is a Drag on the Economy (April 2014)


86. Response to the Union of Concerned Scientists Critique of BHI’s Renewable Portfolio Studies (November 2013)

85. Nevada: Renewable Policy: ‘A Recipe for Decline” (April 2013)

84. Arizona: The Economic Impact of Arizona’s Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff (April 2013)

83. The Economic Impact of Washington State’s Renewable Portfolio Standard: A joint study by The Beacon Hill Institute and Washington Policy Center (April 2013)

82. BHI testifies on RPS in Kansas
Experts debate renewable energy costs (February 2013)

81. Response to Huffington Post attack on BHI renewable portfolio studies (January 2013)

80. Without cost saving reforms, public sector unions pose future liability crisis for states (May 2013)

79. Proposed Tax Increases for Infrastructure and Education in the Commonwealth: An Economic Analysis (May 2013)

78. BHI Study: MA public sector pension system puts taxpayers at risk (February 2013)

77. Fiscally Illiberal: State and Local Projects Cannot Create Jobs Responsibly (January 2013)

76. BHI’s Response to Huffington Post attack on renewable portfolio studies (January 2013)


75. Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Mandate Will Lead to Greater Economic Costs with Minimal Benefit (December 2012)

74. Missouri’s Renewable Energy Standard will be bad for business, jobs and investment. (November 2012)

73 (a) Tax Reform in Texas: Lowering Business Costs, Expanding the Economy. (November 2012)

73 (b) The Fiscal and Economic Impact of Franchise Tax Reform in Texas (November 2012)

73. Michigan’s Prop 3’s Renewable Energy Standard Could Cost State 10,540 Jobs  (September 2012)

72. Beyond the shale! Strict liability for fracking, putting Wall Street on the hook, should allay environmental fears (September 2012)

71. BHI Study (IV): Massachusetts health care law fails to promote consumer choice, tax equity and portability; Other states offer lessons for Bay State on Medicaid. (August 2012)

70. A Monopoly Against Our Children: Teachers Unions vs. American Ideals. (June 2012)

69. BHI on Wisconsin’s Act 10: Reforms provided benefits to state economy (May 2012)

68. MA Real Estate Licensing Requirement Benefits Agents Not Consumers (February 2012)


67. The Enterprise Value Tax: What it Means for the Massachusetts Economy (December 2011)

66. The Massachusetts Health Care Reform Mandates: The Gaming Gamble (November 2011)

65. Massachusetts Health Care Reform stunts job growth and investment (September 2011)

64. Massachusetts Health Care Reform drives up insurance costs both public and private  (June 2011)

63. Why Massachusetts Should Spend Less on Education (June 2011)

62. Maine’s Biennial Budget: Tax Cuts to Spur Job Growth (May 2011)

61. Why Massachusetts Should Double the Number of Charter Schools. (March 2011)


60. The Economic Impact of Initiative 1098 in Washington State (August 2010)

59. Gov. Granholm’s Tax Hike Proposal Would Kill 30,000 Michigan Jobs in First Year  (June 2010)

58. Eliminating Property Taxes Without Raising State Taxes (July 2010)

57. Going Green with Energy in Massachusetts: Costly Mandates Will Hit Consumers, Business (October 2010)

56. The Beacon Hill Institute’s Tax Analysis Modeling Program for Arizona: A Response to Charney

55. Federal Health Care Reform is a Job Killer (March 2010)

54. Massachusetts Fiscal Policy: The Legend v. the Facts. (January 2010)


53. Economic Effects of Proposed Cap-and-Trade Legislation (June 2009)

52. “Green Collar” Job Creation: A Critical Analysis  (June 2009)

51. Proposed Cigarette Tax Increase to Cost South Carolina 4,100 Private-Sector Jobs (May 2009)

50. The Economic Analysis of the Western Climate Initiative’s Regional Cap-and-Trade Program (March 2009)

49. The Economic Impact of the Akaka Bill: Unintended Consequences for Hawaii (January 2009)


48. Question 1: A Best Case Scenario (October 2008)

47. Eighth Annual State Competitiveness Report 2008 (November 2008)

46. Peer Review: Maryland Commission on Climate Change Climate Action Plan (September 2008)

45. Beyond loopholes: BHI study suggests simplifying and lowering business taxes to 5.3% (April 2008)

44. New study takes aim at federal prevailing wage law; Inflated wage measures cost taxpayers $8.6 billion annually (February 2008)

43. The Faulty Economics of Colorado’s Climate Change: Action Plan:A Peer Review  (January 2008) (offsite)


42. Global warming ideas based on ‘seriously flawed’ work: Peer review pans work of N.C. climate change consultant (September 2007) (offsite)

41. Sales tax holiday provides a boost to Bay State economy of up to $64 million (August 2007)

40. BHI Studies on the FairTax (September 2007)

39. Testimony on sales tax options before NH state legislature (August 2007)

38. Taxes and Fees on Communication Services, April 2007


37. Project Labor Agreements and Financing Public School Construction in Massachusetts (December 2006)

36. Project Labor Agreements and Public Construction Costs in New York (May 2006)


35. The Costs and Benefits of Implementing Proposed Legislation to Curb Obesity in Maine (March 2005)

34. Association Health Plans (AHPs) would help small business in Mass  (June 2005)


33. Metro Area and State Competitiveness Report 2004 (November 2004)

32. Police Details: Protection or Perk? PDF only (November 2004)

31. Project Labor Agreements and the Cost of Public School Construction in CT. (November 2004)

30a. Money for Nothing:The Failures of Education Reform in Massachusetts (May 2004)

30. Free but Costly: An Economic Analysis of a Wind Farm in Nantucket Sound (March 2004)

29. Municipal Broadband in Concord: An In-Depth Analysis (March 2004)


28. Metro Area and State Competitiveness Report 2003 Overview in PDF Format, (December 2003)

27. Blowing in the Wind: Offshore Wind and the Cape Cod Economy (October 2003)

26. Project Labor Agreements in Massachusetts  (September 2003)

25. The New Sumptuary Laws: How Massachusetts Consumptions Taxes Keep the Poor Poor (April 2003)


24. Metro Area and State Competitiveness Report 2002 (December 2002)

23. Getting Less for More: Lessons in Massachusetts Education Reform (August 2002)

22. Holding “Taxachusetts” at Bay (revised) Policy Study  (April 2002)

21. And Then There Were Nine: The States v. Microsoft, (April 2002)

20. Holding “Taxachusetts” at Bay”  (March 2002)

19. A Legal and Operational Framework for the Privatization of Social Security, by Karl J. Borden and Charles E. Rounds, Jr.  (March 2002)


18. BHI State Competitiveness Report 2001, (December 2001)

17. New Economic Analysis Shows Boston Ballot Question 1 Will Cost Jobs (October 2001)

16. Cashing in on Cable: Warning Flags for Local Government, (PDF Format 2- files)October 2001

15. What New York Has Gained From Tax Cuts (September 2001) (offsite)

14. Promoting Good Schools Through Wise Spending in PDF format, January 2001


13. Just Services: Balancing the Scales of Legal Services Funding. May 2000


12. Financing the MBTA: An Efficient and Fare Solution in PDF format. May 1999


11. The Next Step Toward Welfare Reform: A Manual for Enacting Tax Credits for Charitable Contributions (March 1998)

10. The Economic Effects of Changing the Ohio Sales Tax: Estimates Using the BHI State Tax Analysis Modeling Program   (January 1998)


9. Taxation by Litigation: The Economics of Civil Justice Reform (Spring 1997)


8. An Application of the BHI State Tax Analysis Modeling Program to the State of Oklahoma, (December 1996)

7. An Application of the BHI Tax Analysis Model to the Massachusetts Mutual Fund Industry, (October 1996)

6. Tax Credits for Charitable Contributions: Alternatives, Projections and Comparisons, (March 1996)


5. Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: A New Approach to Welfare Funding (December 1995)


4. An Economic Model of Massachusetts Tax Policy, (September 1994)

3. The Graduated Income Tax: Winners and Losers, (July 1994)

2. The Grad Tax Debate: Down the Slippery Road to Serfdom, (April 1994)


1. Tax Policy in Massachusetts: Mainstream Economics Versus Political Rhetoric (December 1993)